VolleyScience strives to provide informed, research-led fitness information to aspiring athletes and coaches within the volleyball community. We helped create and develop their online presence and product offering, from branding to website to online app.

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The mission statement was simple – to deliver high level information, informed by a background in strength and condition and sports science, to a wide audience through the use of a clear, concise, completely transparent platform. The initial stage of VolleyScience’s conception was to create a logo identity that encapsulated these core values whilst embodying the right tone of voice for a performance driven, sporting/fitness audience.

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eCommerce Website

VolleyScience opted to base their offering around a unique, personal experience, providing a tailored workout programme for avid athletes. Working in association with Olympic athlete, Peter Bakare, VolleyScience formed PBJumps, a programme designed to help individuals improve their vertical jump, of which is applicable across a wide range of sports and provides far reaching health benefits beyond that of just a vertical jump. The PBJumps programme is VolleyScience’s first opportunity to generate revenue and therefore required an eCommerce platform to capture interested participants and allow them to purchase the subscription based service.

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Online App

Having identified a knowledge gap amongst young aspiring volleyball and basketball athletes, VolleyScience and myself unwent a highly iterative research and design process to prototype and develop a platform that addressed the need to deliver tailored, informative workout programmes to help athletes improve their sporting performance.

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