Andrew Wilding

When you possess a potent combination of incredible talents and a charming personality, and have worked with the likes of the NBA, Nike, and Adidas, how does a professional sports entertainer effectively showcase these gifts to the world and attract new business? By creating a visually engaging one-page portfolio website that puts his skills center stage.


Andrew Wilding, a professional sports entertainer, enlisted my expertise to create a new portfolio website to showcase his talents and service offerings. The objective was to develop a modern, performant and visually engaging one-page website that highlights his unique skills, captivates his audience.

In my role as both designer and developer, I executed the entire project, from initial design concepts to the final deployment. Leveraging modern web technologies, I built the site using Next.js for its robust performance, Framer Motion for smooth and dynamic animations, and Sanity for flexible content management.

This new digital platform enhances Andrew's ability to attract and engage potential clients, leading to increased leads, conversions, and sales.

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Hero section of Andrews Wilding website featuring him freestyling with a basketball in a park
About Andrew Wilding on desktop and mobile devices
Andrew Wilding dunking over a person during a performance onto of the O2 Arena in London
A carousel of brands Andrew Wilding has worked with
Desktop and mobile designs of Andrew Wilding's website
Service cards containing information about Andrew Wilding's services and skills
Testimonials from brands Andrew Wilding has worked with including the NBA
Andrew Wilding standing and balancing on top of a basketball whilst balancing another on his head