Elysia – by Williams Automotive Engineering

In a world where electric cars continue to occupy our roads, Elysia is more familiar than most with what’s truly driving things forward. But how do you distill this knowledge about battery intelligence to OEM’s and tech partners alike? Through a striking, modern website and dynamic motion assets.


As an integral part of The One Off team, we were entrusted by Willams Advanced Engineering to craft a website for the launch of their new brand, Elysia.

This initiative aimed to distinguish their battery intelligence division from their motorsport engineering counterpart. Elysia's focal point revolves around amplifying the longevity, security, and efficiency of batteries, particularly in the realms of automotive, energy storage, and transportation.

In my role as the primary developer, I orchestrated the creation of a high-performing headless website. The website adheres to contemporary best practices and accessibility benchmarks. I seamlessly integrated Next.js with a headless WordPress CMS, ensuring robust security measures while enabling effortless incorporation of new content and the streamlined management of existing materials.

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What I did

Web Development

Content Management System

Web Hosting

Dev stack


CSS Modules





Homepage design of Elysia website
Mobile component for case studies of Elysia's success stories
Battery powered electric car headlight and hood
Desktop and mobile designs of Elysia website
Venn diagram of Elysia's battery intelligence unique selling points
Battery cells for electric cars
Technology hero design on mobile device
About video and journal design on desktop and mobile device