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We can all recall a time when we’ve stepped into a new department store and thought, where do I start? How do you help people find what they want without disrupting the natural browsing experience? By integrating in-store digital way-finding with an online interactive map through the use of QR codes and NFC touchpads.


Collaborating with The One Off team, I played a pivotal role in developing an innovative online store map for Sports Direct's Birmingham flagship, covering 60,000 square feet across 4 floors.

To tackle the navigation challenge, we crafted a seamlessly integrated mobile tool with 3D maps at the entrance. A QR code scan granted shoppers access to a web app offering floor plans and a comprehensive department and services list.

The impact was substantial—a dual-purpose microsite offering customers flexible navigation: visual floor plans or a traditional shop location list. Initiated in the Sports Direct Birmingham store, this concept expanded successfully to other locations, including the new Flannels flagship in Liverpool. My contribution involved collaborative efforts in building, testing, and deploying this cutting-edge solution, simplifying the shopping journey and catering to individual preferences.

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QR code to in-store Flannels Liverpool map
Exploded view of Flannels Liverpool store
Mobile designs of Flannels Liverpool interactive digital map, including in-store layout and department list
Exploded view of Sports Direct Manchester Arndale store
Floor screen of Sports Direct Manchester Arndale interactive map
Floor navigation screen of Sports Direct Manchester Arndale interactive map
Quickfind screen of Sports Direct Manchester Arndale interactive map