Rees Associates

How can you capture an award winning portfolio of high-end clientele for a service that is historically out of sight, out of mind? Create disruptive, parred back branding and single page website that lets the body of work do the talking.


For Rees Associates, I led the design and development of an impactful one-page website that serves as a dynamic showcase for their commitment to innovation in designing and delivering commercial kitchens and bars. The goal was to express their aspirations as industry innovators dedicated to advancing the field of high-end hospitality infrastructure.

Crafting a visually expressive platform that strayed from the traditional industry conventions, the website not only highlights the client's offerings but also conveys their forward-thinking approach to shaping the future of commercial kitchen and bar design through their wealth of projects. Emphasising a commitment to evolving the industry, the website provides a beautiful, easy-to-use user experience that mirrors Rees Associates' dedication to excellence in every aspect of their work. My role encompassed the entire process of conceptualising, designing, and building the website, ensuring it effectively communicates the client's vision and expertise.



What I did

UX Design

UI Design

Web Development

Dev stack




Single page website design
Mobile designs of the site's hero section and featured projects section
Chef decoating a dish in a commercial kitchen
Desktop design of the site's featured projects section
Awards and Contact call to action on a mobile device
Desktop design for about Rees Associates section