How do you convince the public that a budget TV can feature the same level of technology they’d come to expect from higher end brands? By creating an immersive campaign-led, single page microsite that features vibrant, crisp video and imagery, embodying the qualities of the viewing experience.


I had the privilege of collaborating with Toshiba as a key member of The One Off team on the "Seeing Is Believing" campaign, aligning with their 2023 product launch. This campaign spotlighted Toshiba's latest TV innovations, including TRU Picture Engine, QLED technology, and Amazon's FireTV operating system, with the primary goal of guiding consumers to leading retailer websites for seamless TV purchases.

In my role as the lead developer, I was responsible for overseeing the creation of the campaign website using Next.js, crafting an interactive and visually captivating platform that mirrored Toshiba's commitment to innovation. This encompassed not only development but also design refinements, ensuring an immersive user experience. I'm proud to have played a significant role in bringing Toshiba's "Seeing Is Believing" campaign to life, delivering excellence in both web development and design.


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Toshiba Seeing Is Believing campaign hero image
Discover True Colour visual inside a Toshiba QLED TV
Desktop design of smart TV interface provided by built-in Fire TV
Desktop design components, highlighting features of Toshiba QLED TV
Desktop and mobile designs of Seeing Is Believing campaign website